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What is a Warehouse Storage?

Do you have a huge number of raw materials but no place to store them? How about those perishable products which need to be stored in specific temperatures? Well, if you are looking out for storage spaces for the same, Du-store warehouse storage facility is the perfect place for your goods.
These facilities are designed in a way to ensure that your goods are preserved in the way you want them. Dubai Warehouse storage units are available in various sizes and you can choose them as per your requirements. What’s more! These units are truly beneficial as you have the option of choosing between long term and short term services. You also get a 27×7 access to your unit. Be rest assured with the security; we have 24 hours vigilance on your units and every entry and exit is recorded.
So, book yourself a warehouse unit today! Contact Dustore to avail the best services in Dubai.

How do people use warehouse storage in Dubai?

Warehouse storage spaces are huge and need to be used optimally. You need to make sure that the space is not too congested. It is essential that you do not crowd the space and give your goods some space to breathe. Make certain that your goods are stored in such a way that you can move in and out of your rented unit easily. Labeling boxes is an intelligent thing to do; you can locate things easier and faster.
Also, it is advisable that you do not waste the space that is available to you. Look out for additional shelves. Try storing goods vertically so that you get more space. You have a 24×7 access to your unit and thus, you can visit your space anytime you want!

When do people need to store?

Dubai Warehouse storage solutions are ideal in the following conditions:
? You are shifting your business. So, you want to move out from your old office space to a newly acquired one. Where do you keep all your raw materials meanwhile? The best place is a warehouse storage unit Dubai. Rent out a space on a short term basis and ensure that your goods are stored efficiently.
? You are renovating your office space. Refurbishing can take a lot of time and it becomes a hassle to manage all your goods. Misplacing goods is a common outcome when any place undergoes renovations. Warehouse storage spaces are the perfect agony aunts and solve all the worries with regards to keeping your goods safe and sound.
? Do you deal with perishable items? Or maybe things like leather? Well, it is common knowledge that such items require specific climatic conditions. Warehouse storage units have excellent facilities to manage the same efficiently.

Where do people store?

You do not want a storage facility that is far off from your factory or office place. It is always wise to have a space that is closer to your work space, so that whenever you need to retrieve your goods, it does not take a lot of time. Also, choosing a company that offers you insurance and great security is a must. It is essential that you look out for reputed companies which have a license to practice their business.
Moreover, it is important that you sign up with a company that offers you the best prices in the market. Also, a company with excellent customer service, trained staff is something you should be definitely opting out for. Your raw materials or goods are precious to your business and thus it is important that you choose the best Dubai storage company for the same.

Who else uses Warehouse storage?

Warehouse storage can be used by people who want to operate their businesses online or people who manage cross country businesses. This is typical for online shopping businesses. These businesses deal with multiple products; having them stored in one place, efficiently is definitely a great option. It makes functioning simpler and proficient for such organizations.

Why do people use Warehouse Storage?

So, why would you need warehouse storage services in Dubai? Need reasons? We give you a few amongst the many!
Space! Space! Space! Lack of enough space is like a national crisis and has everyone worried. But with our storage solutions, you barely need to be concerned about this issue.
Climate. Well, are you worried that your raw materials will deteriorate in the weather conditions of your city? These storage units are capable of maintaining the temperature of the units as per your requirements.
You may be a virtual business and not have a physical business space. So, what do you do in such cases? Easy! Rent a warehouse space so that you can function without much hassles.
These services are also used by people who have their business in various locations. The warehouse could be in one city and the corporate office in other.
Do your requirements match any of the above? Well, contact us today and get the best storage spaces!

Benefits of Du-store warehouse storage

24-7 accessibility

When it comes to warehouse storage Dubai, there are a number of factors that count. Warehouses are huge and that’s where many users feel that accessibility would be an issue. However, this belief is simply far from reality. Du-store Warehouse storage providers have cranes, forklifts and other equipment to move the stored goods from one place to another. This makes accessibility more practical and comfortable too. Sometimes, goods are bought directly for storage from airports and stations. Thus goods can be stored optimally as well as retrieved in their best forms. The 24/7 accessibility feature comes into play here where you have the option of accessing the stored goods at any given time and for any number of times you want. This ease of access plays a major role in gaining consumer loyalty for storage businesses. This accessibility feature allows users to continuously keep a check on their goods and hence leads to consumer satisfaction in every way. Most users take advantage of this feature offered by storage companies.

24 hour security guards

The first thing to look out for in a storage company is how effective is their security system. Once you hire a storage unit, there may be people coming in and visiting the premises often. That’s when you need to ensure that the storage unit has security guards. Watchmen are generally asked to keep a check on the premises 24/7. They maintain a log of people entering and exiting the premises to make sure that there’s no problem or theft taking place anywhere in the storage spaces. Even if you have to access your goods, your details are taken before you step into the premises to have a look at your stored goods. Security is given due importance by storage companies. Though the companies provide insurance for your goods, they make sure that the need never arises. Companies treat your goods as theirs and maintain strict vigilance over your stored goods.

Flexible, short term contracts available (1, 3 , 6 and 12 Months)

People tend to assume that buying a space on rent is beneficial only on a long term basis. However, this is far from the truth. There are a number of short term contracts available which give you the flexibility of storing your goods for as long as you want. If you want to store your goods in a warehouse for a limited period of time, then you can select one of the short term contracts that are available. You can choose from the available 1, 3, 6 and 12 month contracts. The minimum duration for stashing your goods is 1 month, so even if you need to store your goods for a very limited time, you can do so conveniently. Even if you are opting for a short term contract, you need to ensure that security is not compromised in any way. Though you are storing your goods for just a month, you still have to make sure that the unit is protected by locks and you can access your goods whenever you want.

High Level Security, CCTV Surveillance & 24-hour access facility

Even after you have stashed your goods in a storage unit, there will be times when you want to access them either for checking them out or for moving them back to your place. For whatever reason, having a continuous access to the stored goods is essential. That’s when the 24 hour access facility is all set to serve you. With this feature, you can access the stored goods at anytime of the day and for any number of times you want. In this way, you know the status of your goods always and you can be sure that they are secure by all means. Moreover, your possessions are closely monitored using CCTV cameras so that any kind of theft or other damage can be spotted and nipped in the bud. Using such cameras, the entry and exit of every person is observed so that any kind of mischief and manhandling is just not possible with the goods.


Before renting a storage unit, you need to ensure that the company is ISO certified. Companies with ISO certification are known for their high quality of work. All the processes of loading and unloading the goods as well as keeping the goods in proper condition are handled exceptionally well by such companies. Such a certification ensures that the work gets done with complete expertise and perfection. Therefore, selecting an ISO certified company is half the battle won as far as the security and preservation of your goods are concerned. Such companies not only function well but they ensure complete security of your goods. Once you have registered with an ISO certified company, you can rest assured that your goods are safe and secure. After all, security is the ultimate aim of storage companies. These companies undergo smooth operations that are well managed and supervised. Such synchronized operations lead to delivery of excellent work.

Proper hygiene and dryness in storage units

Every warehouse packs in different kinds of goods right from food items to raw materials to other industrial products. However, one thing that is common for all kinds of stored items is the need for hygiene and coolness. Whether you opt for an AC or non AC warehouse, you need to ensure that the storage units are clean and dry. Moisture can wreak havoc with your storage plans and lead to damage and destruction of your possessions. As soon as you sign up with a storage provider, your duty doesn’t end there. You have to make sure that the warehouses are hygienic from inside and they are well organized and not cluttered and dirty. A disorganized warehouse can lead to more confusion and such a space doesn’t serve the purpose at all. Your things may get misplaced in such a storage space and end up getting spoilt as well. Therefore, you need to make sure that the things are arranged and labeled properly within the unit so that they can be retrieved in their best forms.

Small storage units to large warehouse spaces and sheds

Once you’ve planned to opt for a storage unit, the next thing you need to do is opt for the right sized storage unit. Do not end up renting a huge space just for a small number of goods. In this way, there’s wastage of both, your money as well as the space. That’s the reason why you should select the right sized storage unit by carefully observing your goods and the given space. As far as storage units are concerned, there are a variety of size options you can choose from. Right from small storage units to medium sized, large and very large warehouses and sheds, there’s one to suit every need of yours. For example, if you want to store a vehicle, you can rent a medium sized shed. On the other hand, if you wish to store a huge number of goods, you need to opt for a large warehouse. Do not end up renting a huge space for less goods or a small unit for more goods. Either way, you will be at a loss. So select the warehouse wisely and save your resources.

Temperature control system AC, Non-AC and insured rental units

When it comes to renting a storage unit, the type and exterior of the things to be stored plays a very important role. Only then can you choose whether you want an AC or a non-AC warehouse depending upon the goods you’re storing. For example, if you are a retailer of ice-creams, you will want to store them in the cold storage. On the other hand, files and paperwork can be stored in the racking systems available in warehouses. There are temperature control systems as well, which help in the optimum storage of your goods. Another very important factor associated with warehouse storage is insurance. What if fire breaks out and all your goods get damaged in the process? What if any other natural calamity takes place? It is for these reasons that you must first get your good insured so that you get the monetary return for any kind of damage to your goods. As soon as you sign up with a storage provider, check to see if the insurance policy is in place.

Tight security and camera monitoring

The first thing that strikes us while thinking about storage companies is security. We all want our goods to be in the best form possible and hence we think twice before signing up with a storage provider. The fact that our goods will be away from our eyes is enough to put us in a fix. However, the good thing about storage companies is that security is given priority over other factors. That’s the reason why warehouses are sealed optimally using huge locks and the security maintained is tight. To ensure that the goods stored in the warehouse are untouched and unaffected, there are CCTV cameras attached at all the regular places to prevent any kind of manhandling of goods anywhere in the premises. The entry and exit of all the people entering the warehouse is observed in the CCTV cameras to keep a check on their activity in the premises. Security is indeed an important factor when it comes to warehouse storage.

Warehouses for both commercial and domestic purposes

Warehouses are large spaces specially used for commercial purposes. However, you can also use it for domestic purposes if you have a lot of things to store. As the consumer, you have the choice of selecting the right sized unit for all your storage purposes. For example, as a retailer, you have to store all the manufactured goods in a warehouse till the time they are sold out. As a homemaker, you may have a huge number of goods that are not to be used presently but will come in handy in the future. That’s when a warehouse comes into play and helps to store all your goods in their best forms. Especially in the retailing arena, such warehouses are of paramount importance for a successfully running business. Along the same lines, you will have to store all your household things elsewhere while revamping your house. That’s when a large warehouse can be used to stash all your home items in one place. Thus, warehouses can be used for both the commercial and domestic purposes.

Waterproof exterior

Even little moisture has the capacity to destroy a complete warehouse. This is especially true in case of pharmaceutical storage as moisture can cause the chemicals to adversely react to it. That is why you must consider opting for waterproof warehouses. The key is to keep your units cool and dry and away from moisture 24/7. This in turn will keep all sorts of infestation and fungal growth at bay. Sometimes, even AC units can come in touch with moisture at some point of time. Sometimes there’s leakage from the AC itself. That’s when waterproof warehouses can function extremely well. Waterproof units trap the moisture and prevent it from reaching your goods. In this way, your goods are protected from moisture and they are safe and secure for many months to come. You need to especially exercise caution in case of long term storage since your goods are stashed for a longer period of time and there are more chances of infestation and spoilage. Opting for waterproof warehouses is a convenient and intelligent alternative by all means.