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What is Vehicle Storage

So, your motor boat has no place in your garage but you do not want to do away with it? Or you have a vintage car which has great sentimental value in your life, but again, there’s no space for it? Well, the simple answer to your complicated-looking questions is ‘Vehicle Storage’. Now, what exactly is vehicle storage? It is a storage facility that stores any kind of vehicles efficiently.
These facilities ensure that your automobile is stored in a highly secured environment and you get a 24×7 access to the storage units. The units are monitored with CCTV cameras and every entry and exit is recorded. If your vehicle needs climate controlled storage, you can opt for it too! Choose your storage unit depending upon the size of your vehicle. So, sign up with a Dubai vehicle storage provider today, and leave all the worries about your favourite automobile behind!

When Do People Need Vehicle Storage in Dubai?

Vehicle storage is the ideal way to ensure that your automobiles are stored right. You can also use vehicle storage when:

  • You are moving out. Well, you might be moving out to a new place and you cannot be taking your vehicle along. Don’t worry! Automobile storage services work like a knight in shining armour for you in such cases.
  • Refurbishing your house. So, you plan to renovate your place entirely. You can’t leave your vehicle on the road! Consider a storage facility instead.
  • You have a motorboat or a jet ski! Well, it is more practical to keep such automobiles in a storage facility than at home. You can maintain them in a better fashion with the help of these services.
  • Your vehicle needs a climate controlled space. Well, nasty weather conditions can mess up with your vehicle’s functioning. Storage spaces are the ideal solutions!
  • The obvious reason- there’s simply no space! Well, even though it is the obvious reason, it is typically the most common reason why people require vehicle storage facilities in Dubai.
    If you have any of the above reasons to store your automobile, give us a call and we’ll provide you with the best facilities.

Why Do People Need Vehicle Storage?

Vehicles are not easy to maintain and certainly not easy to keep when you do not have ample space. We live in a world where huge lawns and parking spaces have started becoming a myth. The perfect solution to this problem is a vehicle storage facility. Well, does that mean people need self storage only when they are in lack of space? Certainly not!
Moving to a Different Country:
What do you do with your vehicle when you are you are moving abroad and you do not want to sell your car? Well, automobile storage is the best solution to your worries.
Extra Vehicle:
Also, you can utilize these services when you have an extra vehicle like a jet ski or a motorboat and you have the garage only for your car.
Vintage Vehicle:
Such services also work wonders on your vintage vehicles. Well, we all agree that vintage vehicles are really difficult to manage; extreme climatic conditions could be harmful to your vehicles.

How Do People Use Vehicle Storage?

So, now you have a huge empty space in front of you which is all yours. Confused how to use it? Well, you know can just give your vehicle a little breathing space and make sure that your vehicle is not placed in a congested fashion. Also, keep all the accessories that you would require for the maintenance and cleaning of your automobile in your vehicle storage unit Dubai. Ensure that you can move around the unit comfortably. Ensure that your automobile is placed in a way that it can be moved in and out easily.
When can you use your storage unit? Well, you have a 24×7 access to it, so come in and go out whenever you want to! It is essential that you use your space wisely; optimum utilization of your space is important. Do not cramp up the place and at the same time, do not waste the space that you have.

Where Do People Store Vehicles?

Have you made up your mind to get yourself a vehicle storage unit? If yes, the next question you ask yourself is where do you store? Follow these tips to ensure yourself the best services:
• A place not too far from home. You might require your vehicle at any point of time; you do not want to travel a long distance to get your vehicle.
• A company with a certification and a valid license. It is essential that you store with the correct firm; your automobile is expensive and too precious to be careless with it.
• A firm that offers you best prices; why waste money when you can get excellent services in low prices?
• Excellent customer services. Your queries and doubts should be attended and resolved as soon as possible.
• Trained staff and well maintained units, proper vigilance over your vehicles and excellent security is what you should be looking out for.

Who Else Uses Us?

Du-store Vehicle storage facilities can be used by others too. For instance, you could be a car rental service provider or a touring company. Store your old vehicles or your business vehicles with us. You could also be a corporate firm having company cars which are needed occasionally and you do not have enough office space to keep them. Well, here’s when automobile storage comes to the rescue!

Benefits Vehicle Storage in Dubai

Indoor and outdoor storage space available

When it comes to vehicle storage Dubai, you have two options of either indoor or outdoor storage. Both of them have their pros and cons and hence you can take your decision as per your convenience and preference. While there are more chances of damage in outdoor storage, indoor spaces safeguard your vehicle from weather elements such as rain, hailstones, direct sunlight and more. In terms of storing your vehicle, you need to ensure that there is moving space around so that it can be repaired or serviced whenever needed. You also need to cover your vehicle properly if you’re planning to store the vehicle in an outdoor shed. You can use outdoor sheds for storing not only your vehicles but even your boat, your equipment or anything that’s very bulky. Even if the outdoor shed has a roof, make sure that you cover your vehicle properly. Don’t forget to remove all the food particles from the vehicle as insects and rodents are often seen in such outdoor spaces. Considering that outdoor spaces are vast, it’s a good idea to store your vehicle in such units.

24 hour security guards

When it comes to vehicle storage, most people are concerned about just one thing and that’s security. And storage companies understand the importance of security and guarantee you just that. A number of features are available to protect your vehicle from damage. Vehicles that are not protected can be harmed by hooligans strolling at night or due to weather elements such as direct sunlight, rain and so on. Therefore, you need to ensure that the company you’re planning to hire offers you 24X7 security guards. Each entry and exit needs to be noted down so that any kind of mischief can be caught almost instantly. Only when the vehicles are monitored by the guards all through the day, can you expect your goods to be in place. You need to be prepared for any kind of change as calamities come all of a sudden and destroy all your possessions. Owning a car is like a lifetime investment and so you can’t afford to see it getting damaged now and then due to weather elements or some other reason. Therefore, storage companies have deployed 24X7 security guards who strictly monitor your goods all through the day and night.

Biometric access for tighter security

Tight security is the need of the hour. With the instances of theft and damage increasing to a great extent, it only makes sense to tighten the security by all means. That’s when biometric access comes into play. This kind of technology makes use of human characteristics such as retina, odor, thumbprint or other such features to give the clients access to their stored vehicle. In this way, fraudulent people can never gain access to your vehicle under any circumstances. Biometric access systems are gaining a lot of prominence with each passing day. As compared to all other security features, this kind of system functions in the best possible way to ensure that the vehicle goes in safe hands. This kind of technology is precise and the most accurate as the password itself is unique in the form of an individual’s physical features. Hence the probability of damage is remote in this case.

Cover parking

Cover parking is the term used to denote that a vehicle is parked in a shed that has a roof. Most companies offer cover parking facilities so that the user can rest assured and be at peace regarding the safety of their vehicle. However, you must always cover your vehicle completely to avoid any sort of damage. Also clean up all the food particles present in and around the vehicle so as to prevent any kind of infestation. Often vehicles get damaged if they are exposed to direct sunlight and other weather elements. That’s when cover parking allows you to store your vehicle and keep it protected in a roofed shed. Once you park your vehicle in a covered parking lot, you can simply sit back and relax as your vehicle will be safe and secure. Next time, you won’t have to fight for a place in the parking lot. Also, all sorts of issues you’re facing with your vehicle will now be resolved, thanks to the cover parking facility offered by various storage providers.

Fire detection avenues and sprinkler systems

What if fire breaks out in your vehicle storage unit? Apart from the monetary losses, it’s the loss of human life that’s the most destructive. Therefore, storage companies have a solution for this problem in the form of fire detection avenues and sprinkler system. A sprinkler system is seen in many commercial buildings and even in sheds and other places to detect fire and prevent it from spreading around. It basically consists of an attachment installed at the ceiling that’s connected to a source of water. It is generally connected to the city water source. When fire breaks out at a particular place, the heat emitted causes one of the glass components in the sprinkler system to fail. This in turn helps to release water from the head of the sprinkler. Thus, this kind of system is very reliable and instant too. Fire alarms are also placed at all the important places so that such an issue can be detected on time. For saving lives as well as property, it is important to deploy such smart methods.

Flexible short term contracts available

Generally, people want to store their vehicle for a short period of time. Storing vehicles such as cars, boats and others for a long period of time can lead to their damage. Therefore, storage companies provide you with the flexibility of selecting short term or long term contracts as per your convenience. Most people believe that companies offer space only on a long term basis and not for a short period of time. However, this is far from the reality as you can comfortably acquire short term contracts for storing your vehicles too. There are contracts available for 1 month, 3 months, 6 months and 12 months. Therefore, you can easily choose the one that suits your needs the most. For whatever reason you wish to store your vehicle, be it weather elements or any other major dislocation in your house, you have the magic wand in your hands. Choose any one of the contracts and store your vehicle for 1, 3, 6, or 12 months as per your preference.

High Level Security, CCTV Surveillance & 24-hour access facility

Before you sign up with a storage provider, you need to make sure that its security features are intact. Once you store your car, you should be able to have peace of mind in terms of the security of your vehicle. You are fortunate that companies generally have state-of-the-art technologies for providing you with the ultimate security. Each person has a unique password to access the vehicle stored in the unit. Also, the providers arrange for a continuous CCTV surveillance that makes the entire encounter safe and secure. A log of every person entering and exiting the premises is maintained. Any kind of manhandling, theft or damage cannot happen as a number of cameras have been deployed at different places. Moreover, you have the 24 hour access feature that allows the owners to access their vehicle anytime they want. You can then keep a continuous check on your vehicle and park or drive it as per your convenience.

ISO certified

ISO certified companies are known for their high standard of work and operations. Before you hire a particular company, you need to ensure that it is ISO certified. The latter is like a proof that you’re dealing with an authorized and good company. In terms of vehicle storage, all the facilities provided by the company need to be ISO certified. Such a certification spells professionalism and good work. Once you park your vehicle in the shed of an ISO certified company, you can simply sit back and relax as all the work will get done in the right manner. This certification is an important tag that every company in the production or storage industry needs to comply with. Consumers tend to trust ISO certified companies more and hence this certification becomes one of the main reasons to increase loyalty among consumers. A company that maintains such a standard succeeds in providing consumer satisfaction and thereby has a wider client base.

Small storage units to large warehouse spaces and sheds

Before signing up with a Dubai storage company, you need to select the right sized storage unit. In case of vehicle storage, a large space is bound to work. Apart from parking your car in there, you also need to make sure that there’s moving space around for people to repair or clean up the car at any point of time. The sheds are available in a range of sizes such as 10×20 that can fit in one car, 15×20 and 20×20 that can accommodate 2 cars. There are times when your car needs some form of servicing or repair work to be done. And hence, it is important to have some free space around your car. Don’t make the mistake of selecting a unit that fits in your car but has no space around the vehicle. You must have paid a huge sum for buying your car and hence it becomes really important to keep it in good condition for many years to come.

Storage units are monitored using alarm system

Storage companies give a lot of importance to security as that speaks volumes about the company in question. There are many people entering and exiting the premises where the vehicles are kept. Hence to keep a check on unauthorized entry, there is an alarm system deployed at various spots in the premises. As soon as a person touches the walls of the storage space, the alarm system gets activated and a loud sound is emitted. This system works best to track unauthorized entry into such units. Any kind of damage or theft is nearly impossible when such a system is functioning at a place. Security is given priority over other factors such as space, size and so on. At this time and age, when there are so many storage facilities to select from, good security has the power to make or break a deal. Companies which monitor the premises by deploying alarm systems are so far the most viable options that people have in their hands.

Temperature control system AC, Non-AC and insured rental units

If you have decided to keep your car in a shed for a long period of time, then you need to ensure that the storage space is maintained at the optimum temperature. That’s because overheat can damage your car and extreme temperature fluctuations can take a heavy toll on your car. Therefore, you need to ensure that the storage units you are opting for are climate controlled. In case of indoor storage, you need to ensure that the right temperature is maintained in the unit. Storage companies will offer you the flexibility of choosing an AC or a non AC unit as per your convenience. Another important thing that you need to keep in mind is insurance. You need to get your vehicle insured so that you will get monetary returns for any kind of damage due to natural calamities or unforeseen circumstances. Though monetary returns will not give you your lost vehicle back, you can at least think of buying a new one with the money you get.

Third-party Brokerage (Customs and Clearance)

Often, there are many formalities to be fulfilled during the import and export of vehicles. All the customs processes are cleared off by the storage provider itself. This makes the entire process of importing and exporting the vehicle simple and direct. Third party brokerage is the process by which all the customs barriers are cleared and the process of importing or exporting of vehicles becomes a breeze. The entire process leads to improved interaction between the government officials and the main owner. Custom brokers are responsible for clearing off all the documents and procedures during the import and export of vehicles across countries. Once the customs process is cleared out, Du-store storage company accepts a contract for stashing the concerned vehicle. Thus, the storage company first hires a broker to clear off the customs imposed on your vehicle and then offers you space to store it as well. All kinds of paperwork right from your driver’s license to your agreement papers are all taken care of by the storage company you’re hiring.

Visitor access logs

In case you’re storing your vehicle for a long period of time, you may have to service it on a regular basis. That’s when there’ll be people visiting the premises and operating your vehicle. So how will you know that a particular person has entered the place and operated your car? That is why storage companies maintain logs of people visiting the premises. Although there are CCTV cameras installed at all the regular places, companies still maintain a log or a written record of all the visitors so that any kind of mischief or manhandling with the vehicles is just not possible. Visitor logs help to maintain discipline and order within the premises. Security guards who are present 24X7 maintain visitor logs that keep the owners and renters well informed about the status of their vehicle. With these logs in place, there’s no reason why you have to worry as a consumer.

Types of Du-store Vehicle Storage

Car Storage

Car storage is one of the most common forms of storage you will encounter in your life. Right from your money, to your comfort to your sentiments, everything is attached to your car. You cannot imagine any kind of damage to your vehicle. However, there are some inescapable issues such as weather elements, a change of residence, or any other kind of dislocation when you have to store your car. A safe storage space is all that you need during this time. Presently, storage companies offer a number of value added services as well. A 15X20 or 10X20 shed can help you to store one or two cars. However, there are some things you need to keep in mind before you stow your car this season. The car needs to be cleaned thoroughly; you need to add fresh fuel in the engine and undertake all kinds of repair work before stashing away your car. Thus, you can keep your car in condition even for a long period of time. You need to take extra care while storing your car as you can’t afford to lose it any way.

Boat/Jet Ski Storage

You may have to store your boat for many reasons. A natural calamity has taken place or the weather conditions are such that you cannot take your boat outside. That’s when opting for a storage unit can help to solve your problem. There are certain things that you need to keep in mind before storing your boat. You need to fill up your boat’s engine with fresh fuel and remove the batteries as well. Once you keep all the safety measures in mind, you can store your boat comfortably in the given storage space. Storage companies offer you enough space to store your boat and also provide you with moving space so that you can access your vehicle whenever needed. With the constantly changing weather conditions, it becomes really important to store your boat in a proper way, or else your boat stands a chance of getting damaged.

Truck Storage

Truck storage requires a lot of space as compared to car or motorcycle storage. While the latter can easily fit in a 10X20 space, the former needs a bigger area. You also need enough space to move in and out of the shed or garage. Your truck needs to be serviced at regular intervals for which people need to move into the shed whenever necessary and move out once the work gets done. There are certain things you need to keep in mind before you store your truck. Just as with your car, you need to clean up the truck properly in and out, fill fresh fuel into its engine and attach a fuel stabilizer to it. This will help to keep your vehicle in good condition even for a very long period of time. Considering that a truck is a large entity, factors such as size and free space need to be taken into account before selecting a storage provider.

ATV or Motorcycle Storage

Optimum storage of vehicles is very important as the possibility of them getting damaged is high when they are left unused. With the weather fluctuations, it becomes necessary to store the vehicles at some place at least for a short period of time. You have just been on a vacation to the desert on an ATV or your motorcycle but what will you do if it starts raining and your vehicles need a secure roof? That’s when you need to hire a storage provider who will offer you a 10X20 or 15X20 space for storing your vehicle. A number of factors need to be considered before storing your vehicle in a shed. Factors such as security, insurance, customs and everything else must be taken care of before you settle for a particular company. You must have invested a lot of money in buying the vehicle and hence it becomes very important to store it safely. You need to ensure that the place where you will be storing your vehicle is secure in every way.

Trailer or RV Storage

A recreational vehicle (RV) or a trailer is a huge entity. Hence, it goes without saying that it requires more space for storage. You need to empty the vehicle thoroughly before storing it as any kind of food particles or other form of dirt will invite infestation by moths, fungi and so on. Make sure you drain out all the tanks and water sources as well. Any kind of moisture is sure to damage your vehicle, so it is important to keep it free of any kind of eatables and water. You also need to select a unit that allows free movement within the storage premises. Undoubtedly, the storage unit needs to be big enough for storing such a large vehicle. Before you sign up with a storage provider, make sure all the factors such as security, space, and cost are fixed optimally. You would be using your RV mainly when you are on a vacation or you are camping at a place. Moreover, there are times when you shift from one place to another or any other emergency situation when you have to store your RV. That’s when a comfortable storage space for your RV can help you come out of your difficulty.