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What is Personal, Self Storage?

We regard all our belongings as our priceless possessions. However, hoarding many things under one roof will make your house really cluttered. So something needs to be done about that old cabinet lying in the living room or an unused bed that’s simply occupying space in your house and adding to the congestion. That’s when personal storage comes to your rescue and vows to take care of all your beloved things. There are many things that you would not like to part with, so a Dubai personal storage solution is the best alternative you have in your hand.
Du-store Personal storage solutions offer you a rented space to stash your goods as well as provide you with value added services. The storage units are climate controlled and you will have 24/7 access to them. Your goods are skillfully monitored all through the day with tight security in tow. Moreover, you have many sizes of storage units to choose from. Depending upon the size of the goods you are stashing, you can select the right sized unit accordingly. So sign up with a Dubai personal storage provider today and give your unused goods a new lease of life.

How do people use storage?

Once a particular space is rented by a customer, the entire space is at his or her disposal. Right from the placement of different objects to the kind of things they wish to store is entirely their choice. Simply imagine yourself getting a room to stash away all your beloved goods that was once impossible as you were crunched for space. Once you hire a particular storage space, you can get in touch with your goods at any time during the day. Du-store Personal storage facilities provide 24/7 access to your storage unit and you can remove, add or shuffle the goods stored within as you please. The goods are thoroughly monitored with the help of guards to keep them in good form for a very long time. In this way, once you rent a particular space, it becomes yours till the time your contract expires.

When do people need to store?

The Christmas bells have already rung. But where do you keep all your decorations? It’s winter time so where do you keep all your summer clothes? Questions like this must be swarming your brain often. That’s when seasonal storage pops up. Right from your festival decoration materials, to your sports gear, everything needs to be saved till the next year arrives. It’s never a good idea to throw away such important seasonal stuff. That’s when you can rent a space to store all these seasonal essentials. Now the ice-cream maker will not be a necessity during the winter. So an intelligent idea is to store it in a storage unit and make use of it when the rays of the sun smile at you widely. In this way, you are right on track when the same festival or opportunity arrives the following year. Seasonal storage plays a very important role in conserving your valuable possessions for many eons to come.

Where do people store?

People generally hire companies which provide storage units that are closer to their place. That’s because you can monitor your goods conveniently when it’s nearer to your place of residence. However, there are still many users who hire a company because of its budget-friendly costs. There are many people who continually access the stored items and shuffle them. If you have things that can be kept undisturbed for a long period of time, you can even rent a place that’s very far from your place considering that you won’t access the things periodically. Distance should never be a constraint when it comes to storage. You need to select a place depending upon your location and the frequency of access. The place where the storage units are situated plays a pivotal role in deciding your ease of access. You need to weigh all your options precisely and strike the best deal out of all.

Benefits of Personal, Self Storage Dubai

Racking Systems

Racking systems are ideal for personal storage purposes. That’s because they are way more convenient for usage and access. Such systems are known to reduce the clutter and keep all your belongings in a more organized manner. Especially in the case of storing things such as documents, and other forms of paperwork, racking systems serve the purpose extremely well. Considering that you can access your goods at any time of the day, a neat racking system allows you to find your goods quickly and comfortably. If you have stored a considerable amount of goods in the storage unit, you may not remember their placement even if you do things in a very organized way. This can lead to a lot of confusion and the entire process of uncovering your goods may become harrowing. That’s when racks can help you, minimize your confusion and filter out your goods in the best way possible. Racking systems result in the smooth organization of your goods. For people storing a lot of goods in storage units, racking systems can be a blessing.

24 hour security guards

When it comes to personal storage in Dubai, security is a major concern. Often people wonder if the goods that they have stashed are in their best possible state. For giving you that peace of mind and relaxation, storage units have security guards maintaining a stringent 24/7 surveillance. What can be better than having your beloved possessions lying safely and in good condition for a considerable amount of time? The guards also make it a point to maintain a log of people who visit the premises. Thus, any kind of mischief is just not possible and your goods are given back to you in the same condition as they were while loading. However, as the customer, you need to make sure that there is no compromise whatsoever in terms of security of the storage unit. The best storage services are the ones in which security is kept above all.

AC, Non-AC and Insured Rental Units

Once you have opted for personal storage in Dubai, you need to make sure that the rooms you opt for are well ventilated. You have to be sure that the personal storage space is clean and dry. In terms of air conditioners, you have an option to choose between AC and non-AC units. The most important thing that you need to take care of is insurance. You need to ensure that the rental units are insured so that you get the value for your goods in case there’s any sort of damage to your belongings. Once you leave your goods in the storage unit, it becomes the due responsibility of the company to take care of the goods. In case of any kind of breakage, theft or other issues, you can comfortably file an insurance claim as it’s your right. A company that provides insurance is considered ideal for storage purposes. Companies that do not insure your goods cannot be trusted as they do not take responsibility of your goods in case of any damage.

Flexible, Short Term Contracts Available (1, 3 , 6 And 12 Months)

Often people wonder if renting a storage unit would be cost effective. Along the same lines, people who do not wish to store their goods long term are stuck with their age-old things and trapped in a fix. The good thing about Du-store personal storage is that you have the flexibility to choose the duration of the contract. Those who thought storage systems are only available on a long term basis can now burst the bubble. There are a number of convenient storage options available on a short term basis right from 1 to 3 months to 6 and 12 months. Before signing the paperwork, you need to make sure that it specifies your time period precisely. The minimum time period for renting a storage unit is 1 month. So even in case, you need to store your goods for just a month, it’s indeed possible.

Insulated High Level Security, CCTV Surveillance & 24-hour Access Facility

Security plays a pivotal role in the storage business. The reason why most people fear selecting a particular storage company is because they are scared that their goods will be damaged. Companies that assure their customers complete security are generally the ones that have the widest consumer base. Once you leave your goods in a particular storage unit, you can simply sit back and relax as the appropriate security measures are readily taken by the company. Storage companies provide insulated doors and state-of-the-art security facilities to attain the customers’ loyalty and support. Moreover, you can access your goods anytime you please as they provide 24/7 access to your goods. There are CCTV cameras put up at all the important places to monitor the people and activity inside the premises. Any kind of mischief will be caught right on time to avoid your goods from getting damaged in any way. Security is the ultimate goal of personal storage facilities in Dubai. Companies treat your goods as their own and set up high standards of security to achieve consumer reliability.

ISO certified

Storage companies are ISO certified that gives them a high standard in terms of quality of work. ISO certified companies are known for their excellent operations and work. A company primarily seeks ISO certification as that keeps it on par with consumer preferences. As a consumer, you yourself will be seeking an ISO certified company as that means that the company stands out amidst other storage providers. One of the main things that consumers see while hiring a particular storage company is whether the company is ISO certified. All companies therefore seek to get an ISO certified mark for themselves, although it’s not an obligation. However, a storage company that’s ISO certified shows that the company’s operations are well organized and managed. One of the major benefits of personal storage is that the companies providing such facilities are ISO certified. So it means that things get done more professionally and hence you can rest assured that your goods are in safe hands.

Small and Large Spaces

Everyone has their unique storage needs. You may have a giant sized bed that is limiting your movement at your place. Along the same lines, you may have a number of files lying without any purpose in your bedroom. You may also have an unused car lying aimlessly at your place. That’s when having a flexible storage plan can work wonders for you. Dubai Personal storage offers you the size you’re asking for right from small rooms to warehouses to sheds for storing your vehicle in Dubai. You will no longer be left wondering about what can be done with your bicycle or any other vehicle as the seasons change. Storage providers generally offer a variety of sizes when you rent storage units. You have to make sure that the storage unit serves your purpose well and is in proper condition. Storage companies generally advise you to opt for the right sized storage unit, however you have to give the final word.

Third Party Brokerage(Customs and Clearance)

Storage companies also provide customs brokerage for their clients to ensure that all their goods are transferred comfortably across nations. All the paperwork required to complete the customs and clearance process while porting goods from one country to another is handled by the storage company itself, thereby reducing your load to a considerable extent. Customs brokerage is a process by which goods are cleared of customs barriers during the importing and exporting of goods. All the documents, electronic files, the payment, the taxes and other formalities are taken care of by the storage company itself via custom brokers. The storage company in question hires customs brokers who manage the complete clearance process. The process leads to a smooth interaction between the government and the importer or exporter in question. The entire process results in a hassle free import or export of goods across countries. Customs brokers ensure that the complete clearance process is sorted out comfortably for the client. Such brokers are hired by the storage company itself that subsequently accepts a contract for storing the cleared goods as well.

Size Guide

100 Square feet

An area spanning 100 square feet falls in the category of a large storage unit. It is capable of fitting in quite a few things such as a big bed, a big table, a sofa, some chairs, a few unused goods such as chairs and about 10 to 15 small to medium sized cardboard boxes. You need to select the right sized storage unit depending upon the exterior and the size of the goods in question.

50 Square Feet

This is one of the medium sized storage units we’re talking about. It is similar to the space occupied by half a vehicle shed. It can fit in one big bed, a sofa, 10 to 15 cardboard boxes, and 2 to 3 chairs. Depending upon your requirement, you can either fill up the space completely or keep it slightly empty. This size is ideal for people aiming to store a little more than what a smaller sized unit can fit in. It is very important to select the right sized storage unit for your storage purposes as it will lead to the loss of your money in case you end up buying a bigger unit for less number of goods.

25 Square Feet

25 square feet is the smallest of all the sizes available for storage units. It can fit in approximately 54 medium sized cardboard boxes, a complete garden shed and a small vehicle load. It can fit in a washing machine, a refrigerator, about two rolled carpets, an unused bicycle and even a sofa along with 5 to 6 cardboard boxes. This size is ideal for people aiming to store just a few things either on a long term or short term basis. Depending upon the size and the exterior of the items being stored, the storage units can be filled up.

Types of Personal Storage Dubai

Types of Personal Storage

Shifting houses can really be a task unless you know which items to keep and which to stash away. There are many items which you may not need while you’re moving out to a new location However, you do realize that the same thing may come in handy later down the line. That’s when a personal storage system can serve your purpose quite well. Temporary storage is the most common form of storage seen in many places. Often people aim to keep their things in a storage unit temporarily instead of keeping the things for years together. You can comfortably rent a storage unit for a month or two, and store the corresponding stuff for the time being and later retrieve it in good condition. The main thing you need to keep in mind is that the things shouldn’t get damaged in any way for which you have to get your goods insured. Though you may not get your thing back after damage, you can at least get its monetary value in return.

Household Items(Furniture, Electronics and More)

Often houses become cluttered with excess furniture. Especially if you’re living in an apartment, sturdy furniture can make your house look congested and disoriented. That’s when a smart personal storage solution can make your life easy. Depending upon the size of your goods, you can select the right sized storage unit. Once you select the unit, you can rest assured that your furniture will be stored in the best way possible. You also have to select the right packaging material for your goods. In case of heavy furniture, you need to dismantle it carefully before storing it in the unit. Right from beds, to sofas, to chairs, everything can be stored properly in storage units depending upon their size and exterior. You need to make sure that your furniture doesn’t get in touch with moisture or else it can get damaged very easily. It is for this reason that storage units are made using waterproof materials as well, so that the outside temperature cannot affect the furniture stored within.

Climate Controlled Storage

Cold storage or refrigerated storage plays a major role in stashing all food items. Especially if you own a food business such as buying and selling of vegetables, fruits and other such eatables, you can comfortably store your items in a refrigerated storage. Considering that the food items will be in huge numbers, a food storage system becomes indispensable. Most of the food materials get spoilt due to excess heat, which is why refrigeration holds the key to all your food storage problems. However, there are a few things you should keep in mind while refrigerating food items. Once you rent a cold storage unit, ensure that all the food items are not lying one above the other in a careless way. Instead, keep some space around each of the items so that there’s proper ventilation within the cold storage. The storage unit you’re renting should store food items in the right temperature. You need to also check if the cold storage is operating correctly throughout the day. Refrigerated storage is extremely important as you’re dealing with things you eat or medicinal things on a regular basis.

Antiques and Valuables

Antiques and valuables are very close to our heart. We just do not want to let go of them because of their uniqueness and grace. However, antique pieces can clutter your house to a great extent if left awkwardly in your living space. That’s when you need a personal storage system to take good care of your valuables and antiques that are priceless to you. While storing such special objects, care must be taken as any damage will destroy their essence. Therefore, make sure that the storage providers use bubble wrap, shrink wrap and other such materials to first cover the things and then store them inside the storage unit. Though all these tips are followed diligently by the storage company, you still need to keep a constant check considering that the things stored are precious and one of a kind. Loss or damage to antiques and valuables can go really hard on your pockets and you cannot find them again, so you need to exercise extreme caution.