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What is Commercial Storage?

Dubai Commercial storage is not a novel term in today’s modern day lifestyle. With a large number of offices flocking the city, this term comes as no surprise. As more number of offices and businesses are flourishing so is the need for storage. With real estate prices skyrocketing with each passing day, offices generally need just one thing – space. While buying a new plot for your business may not seem economical, renting a storage unit is an intelligent alternative.
All your files, documents and other forms of paperwork that have taken undue space in your office can be transferred to a storage unit. You can even shift the unused PCs that need some repair work to the new storage location. In this way, your records and everything else are intact while your office looks much more spacious as well. Dubai Commercial storage is emerging as one of the finest agendas of modern day businesses. It covers everything from office storage, to document storage, to retail storage and much more.

Why do people use commercial storage in Dubai?

Du-store Commercial storage is the answer to all your business woes. Right from your records, to documents, to everything else, all can be stored conveniently within the four walls of a storage unit. Often your office gets cluttered up with a range of files and records. This leads to more stress and less productivity in your office. Even locating a particular file takes a very long time and the end result is less work. As a businessman, you need to let your office breathe. That’s when an effective storage plan comes into the picture. If buying a new space for your business is not in your budget, you can at least rent a storage space for storing the required files on a long term or short term basis depending upon the time period up to which the records need to be stored. Once the respective files are stashed away, you will be surprised to see the huge amount of space freed up in your office.
A spacious office attracts more employees and ensures that the work gets done in an efficient manner. Therefore, one of the main reasons why people use commercial storage is to free up space in their working area so that the employees can work better. Once you rent a storage unit to store the rarely used files, you will get more space to store the documents that are required in the office in a compact way. This in turn allows the employees to filter out the right files at the right time. So commercial storage is one of the best alternatives you have in your hand.

Who should use commercial storage?

Commercial storage is the best option that budding industrialists and other retailers have in their hands. Real estate prices are soaring by the day, so you can’t manage to expand your business without breaking the bank. That’s why commercial storage comes across as an effective alternative even if your pockets aren’t too heavy. That’s because storage spaces can be rented at nominal costs, while the storage providers even give away many value added services. Therefore, right from the richest industrialist to a start up employer, everyone can take advantage of commercial storage facilities. If you are a retailer, you may have to handle the storage of goods in bulk for which storage units are a must. The best thing about renting a storage unit is that the company takes good care of your things and makes security a priority. You have flexibility in terms of the size of storage units and the time period of storage. Commercial storage is a one step solution to all your business storage woes.

Where do people store?

Big industrialists to budding businessmen, everyone wants to have their storage spaces anywhere close to their place of work. That’s because it is more convenient for them and the goods can be accessed comfortably as well. However, when it comes to renting storage units, low prices can be a big enticement. Also, distance should never be a hindrance as it destroys the purpose of storage in that case. Renting a storage unit that’s closer to the place of work has its own set of advantages. The main benefit is easy accessibility as well as more security. You can simply store your retail goods in a storage unit and forget about it. But to attain that peace of mind, it is better if the unit is closer to your office. People who store goods long term and do not need to access them often, can rent a storage unit that’s even very far from their place of employment. At the end of the day, where your storage space is located doesn’t matter, it’s the security of your goods that is of utmost importance.

When do people need to store?

As far as the commercial world is concerned, you will require additional storage space while expanding your business. Whether you are a retailer, a shopkeeper, a businessman or anything else, you will require more space at one point of time. Documents, inventory and other things keep getting collected in your working space with each passing day. At a certain point, excess things in the work area can hamper your productivity as well. That’s when you need to hire a storage unit for stashing away goods that are not required at present. You may look for storage spaces, especially when you’re renovating your work space.
You may also need to opt for commercial storage when you want to grow your business. During such times, it becomes imperative to store some of the office essentials in a storage unit on a temporary basis. There are convenient storage plans in terms of the space as well as the duration, so you can comfortably rent a storage unit as and when you want.

How do people use storage?

Just as with personal storage, once a particular space has been rented by an employer, it becomes his or her commercial storage property. They can access the goods as and when they please and they can keep a regular check on them as well. People use commercial storage as their extended business source. Whenever they need to get in touch with any of the stored files or documents, they are free to do so. 24X7 access feature provided by storage companies ensures that you get in touch with your records or documents any time you need. Once you have stored your documents, your goods or any other thing in the storage unit, you can rest assured as all sorts of privacy concerns are addressed by the storage company itself. You can treat the storage space as an expansion to your office. It’s just like having another branch of your office where you can order for any specific file at any point of time.

Benefits of Commercial Storage in Dubai

24 hour access facility

Another very important aspect that consumers want to know is how easily they can have access to their possessions. In the commercial arena, you may need continuous access to your stored documents and paperwork. That’s when the 24-hour access facility of storage companies can work wonders. You can access the stored files anytime you wish by using this simple facility. This aspect is one of the main advantages that consumers have. Not only are you storing the goods but you are also ensuring that you know the status of your goods anytime you wish to. Even if you have to access the goods often, you don’t have to worry as you can access the goods at anytime of the day and for any number of times you want. In case of the commercial world, where businesses require files urgently at any point of time, such facilities can come in handy. Providing continuous access to the stored goods is an important aspect of commercial storage.

24 hour security guards

When it comes to storage of goods, people generally have security concerns. However, the good news is that storage companies make security a priority in their business. Each of the storage units is climate controlled and under surveillance all through the day. They have security guards who monitor the premises 24 *7 to ensure that the goods remain untouched and unaffected. They keep a track of each and every person entering the premises to minimize instances of theft, breakage and other such issues. Ultimately, the goal of every Du-store storage company is to provide impeccable security to their clients. Once you have signed up with a company, you can simply be at peace regarding your goods as they are in safe hands. Security is the most important aspect of storage and companies are well aware of this fact. The security guards maintain a log of each and every person entering the premises. Any kind of suspicious activity is addressed on time to prevent theft, breakage or damage to property in any way.

Flexible, short term contracts available (1, 3 , 6 and 12 Months)

It’s a huge misconception that storage facilities are best when booked on a long term basis. Often, there are things that we need to store on a short term basis such as during relocation, while revamping your office, when the number of employees increases and other such factors. It is during this time, that opting for commercial storage units becomes a must and is beneficial for your company too. A cluttered office will not only make the ambiance of your office look bad but it also hampers the productivity levels of your employees. Your business is sure to experience a downfall both in terms of profits and the health of employees, if it is not spacious enough. That’s when you can rent a storage unit for storing some of the items in your office temporarily. This will help to free up space in your office that can be used for some other purposes such as building an extra cabin, adding a cabinet, and so on. Right from documents, to unused computers to other electronic stuff, anything that is taking up undue space in your office can be pushed into the storage unit. To let consumers experience the ultimate flexibility, there are short term contracts available for 1, 3, 6 and 12 months. In this way, by signing up for short term storage contracts, you can let your office breathe.

Increase or decrease the size of the storage unit

Storage units are available in a range of sizes right from small to medium to large sized sheds and spaces. Size is not a constraint as far as storage of things is concerned. Even after opting for a specific storage unit, you have the option of increasing or decreasing the size of the storage unit. This in turn increases your flexibility in terms of spaces. Before you select a storage unit, have a look at the size and exterior of the goods in question. You can then select the size of the storage unit accordingly. Don’t end up selecting a wrong unit due to sheer hastiness. Take your time in inspecting the stuff you need to hoard and decide on a storage unit accordingly. In terms of commercial storage, be even more careful as your storage unit is like an extension to your office. So you need to select the storage unit after proper inspection and think about its usefulness as a whole.

Insulated High Level Security, CCTV Surveillance & 24-hour access facility

Security plays a very important role in the storage business. Storage units have insulated doors through which companies can guarantee you ultimate security. Apart from having manual security features such as having guards, companies also offer top notch electronic facilities for complete security of your stored goods. Companies arrange for 24X7 CCTV surveillance to ensure that there’s no mischief happening anywhere in the premises. To prevent any kind of theft or any other problem, the premises need to be closely monitored using CCTV cameras. Thus the entry and exit of every person entering the premises are closely observed to make sure that the goods do not get damaged in any way. Besides, users can also access the goods at any time during the day with the 24 hour access facility. Such enticing features make the entire process of storing goods and retrieving them a cakewalk. And as the goods are secure too, you will have no worries at all.

ISO certified

All the processes offered by the company are ISO certified that puts it at a pedestal in terms of quality and standard. This certification denotes that the company’s operations maintain a high quality and standard. Especially in terms of commercial storage, ISO certified companies are the most viable options for consumers. An ISO certified company is known for its excellent quality of work. Before you make a storage plan for your business, you need to first check if the storage company is ISO certified. Such a certification gives the company an edge over other companies providing self storage options and facilities. This shows that things are done with complete expertise. Once goods are given to the company, they provide you with the ultimate security. You can simply sit back and relax as your goods will be kept in good condition by the storage companies. Every company out in the market today seeks an ISO certification as it is something that speaks volumes about its quality of work.

Option of choosing between long term and short term storage services

That chair lying in your office cabin seems to be growing older by the day. The unused computer in your workplace seems to be occupying undue space. So why not opt for commercial storage solutions which offer you the flexibility to choose between short term and long term options? If you’ve been thinking that storage solutions are available only on a long term basis, then it’s time to break the myth. Right from the sizes of storage units to the duration of the contracts, you can decide on anything as per your preferences. Irrespective of the duration of your contract, you need to make sure that security is not compromised in any way. If you want to store your goods just temporarily, till the time your office is getting revamped or settled, you can select one of the short term contracts. Similarly, if you want to keep certain things stored for years together, you can opt for long term storage facilities. Commercial storage is the perfect solution for both short and long term storage requirements.

Packaging materials provided

One of the biggest advantages of hiring a storage unit is that you don’t have to worry about the packaging materials. All materials required for the packing of the goods are provided by the company itself. Right from cardboard boxes to tapes to bubble wrap and more, all the things are readily provided by the storage company. As soon as you sign up with a storage company, you can simply sit back and enjoy the value added services they offer you. You can ensure that the goods are safe in the storage units and pack them up properly using the materials provided by the company. You need to segregate the materials on the basis of their exterior and type. Depending upon these factors, you have to pack them up in the right manner. For example, for storing of fragile items, you need to use bubble wrap whereas bigger furniture can be covered with canvas sheets. By keeping these little things in mind, you can pack and store your things in the right manner.

Small storage units to large warehouse spaces and sheds

The best thing about storage units is that they are available in a range of sizes. Right from small things such as a single cardboard box to something as large as a vehicle can be stashed in the right sized storage units. Small spaces to large sheds are right at your disposal once you sign up with a storage company. The flexibility in terms of storage spaces also allows consumers to have a budget friendly experience by all means. In terms of the commercial world, you will be at a complete loss if you happen to buy a large space for storing only a certain number of files and other things. That’s the reason why you must first take a pen and paper and make a thorough list of the things to be stored and then opt for the right sized unit as per the size and exterior of the things used. Size is not a constraint as far as storage units are concerned.

Well maintained and hygienic AC and non AC units

Hygiene is an important aspect of self storage Dubai. There’s nothing more intolerable than a storage space that’s disorganized, cluttered and dirty. That’s the reason why storage companies give due importance to the hygiene and safety of things. As far as storage units are concerned, there are many things to be stored in them. In the commercial world, such units are functioning like another branch of the company where there’s continuous access to the documents and files that are stored. So hygiene is definitely a priority for all the storage companies. Another important thing to see is whether the units are adequately dry and cool. Even a little moisture can damage an entire unit. That’s when you need to make sure that the units have AC facilities. Even if you opt for a non-AC unit, which is an option you have, you have to ensure that it is thoroughly clean and dry.

Types of Commercial Storage in Dubai

Archive Storage

Archive storage is the hoarding of crucial records for future use. If you have a lot of content and records that are not required at present but may be required for future use, you can comfortably choose archive storage. This kind of storage is ideal for storing huge number of records in an optimum manner. However, you need to make security a priority. Considering that the records will be required in the near future, you need to make sure that they are easily accessible and protected as well. You don’t have to worry because the storage companies take care of all these aspects, though you have to be well informed about your records too. You have to label all the records in a proper manner so that they can be retrieved easily when needed. Considering that archive storage is generally selected on a long term basis, you need to make sure that they are password protected and only you and your trusted employees have access to them.

Construction Storage

Construction and job sites generally require storage options to hoard the construction items and materials in use. For this kind of storage, huge mobile containers are used to store the construction goods. Be it cement, bricks, sheets, glass or anything else, every item needs to be stored optimally for use in job sites. Breakage or spoilage of items should be avoided at all costs. All the equipment used in construction sites are stored in huge containers that are ISO certified and are water proof and climate controlled as well. These containers are used to port the required goods to the construction site or any other location as per your requirements. The containers are tightly secured with lockboxes to ensure that all your crucial goods are safe. You can access them anytime you want and you also have flexibility in terms of the sizes of the containers. There are large to medium to small sized containers to fit in the goods appropriately. You can select the containers depending upon the exterior and the amount of goods to be stored. Hiring a storage provider is a must for construction sites as there are a number of materials used in the production process.

Document Storage

Document storage is very important for today’s modern day businesses. There are two types of document storage. The first is manual document storage and the second is electronic document storage. With everything going the digital way today, it seems intelligent to opt for electronic storage. However, there may still be some files that are indispensable in the paper format. That’s when you need to store your documents both in the paper and electronic format. Opting for a storage facility for stashing your documents is a good move. Besides, the storage units also have racking systems that help in storing all the files in a proper manner. You need to make sure that all the files are appropriately labeled so that there’s no confusion while retrieving them. Even in case of electronic storage of documents, they have to be protected by a password so that only the business owners can have access to them whenever necessary. Document storage is one of the main aspects of commercial storage.

Hotel supply storage

In the hotel business, supply plays a pivotal role. Right from food materials of different kinds to other things required for the functioning of the hotel, all need to be stored in the right way. Hotel supplies often arrive in huge amounts and so you have to rent storage units to store all the items. You need to ensure that the storage units are cool and dry and you need to keep the temperature in check as well. Moisture has to be evaded by all means as even little of it can lead to infestation by microbes. You also need to put some items in the cold storage as they require a cool ambiance for future usage. Lastly, you have to be well versed with the security features of the storage provider. You also need to select the right size and right type of storage units depending upon the exterior and nature of items. For example, curd needs to be stored in cold storage as it cannot survive in room temperature. Hotel supply storage is extremely important in the catering business.


Inventory storage involves storing of commodities for sale or retailing purposes. Generally, goods are produced on a large scale and business people often experience a space crunch. That’s when inventory storage options can help to relieve the burden and store the goods on a temporary basis till the time they are sold out. You need to keep a check on a number of factors such as the security features of the storage provider, its insurance policy, its attributes as a whole and mode of payment. You need to take the necessary precautions while storing fragile items as they are vulnerable to damage. You need to see if the company is ISO certified as it means that they proffer top quality services. Inventories are generally developed on a large scale and they need to be stored in an optimum form till the time they get used up or sold out. The temperature of the unit also needs to be taken into account so that you can rent AC or non-AC units accordingly.

Office Storage

Modern day offices accommodate a huge number of employees adding to the clutter. An office that’s congested not only makes the environment look bad but it lowers the productivity of employees as well. That’s when you should consider opting for office storage facilities. All the extra files, the extra cabinets, the unused PCs, all of them occupy undue space in your office. However, you can’t do away with them as you may require them in the future. Office storage offers you the convenience of freeing up space in your workplace. This in turn leads to better usage of the area cleared up in your office. You can then build an extra cabin, or increase the size of the cubicles to make your office look spacious and well arranged. Office storage is very important considering the fact that it is a place where employees spend most of their time. If the space is disorganized, it leads to more confusion and less work. Opt for office storage facilities and revamp your workplace today.

Pharmaceutical Storage

Pharmaceutical storage needs to be undertaken very carefully as it deals with medicines. Any wrong move on your part can destroy the medicines completely. Whether you are a retailer or a homemaker, you need to select the right storage unit for stashing pharmaceuticals. You need to keep the temperature in mind while selecting the storage units. The spaces have to be dry and hygienic and they must be weatherproof as well. You need to get your goods insured so that you are not at loss during natural calamities or any other issue. Pharmaceuticals contain a wide variety of syrups and chemicals and one wrong reaction can get the entire unit shattered. That’s why you need to be extra vigilant while storing such things. The place should be away from moisture by all means and the temperature has to be cool. Certain medicines require cold storage and so such things must be stored in the right place accordingly. Pharmaceutical storage is of primary importance considering the large number of pharmaceuticals being produced each year.

Real Estate Storage

Shifting from one place to another is a daunting task. You have to make sure that all your items are safely ported to your new place of residence. It is also quite possible that you come across many things that you do not require at the moment but may come in handy in the future. That’s when you can opt for real estate storage facilities. You can store the required goods on a short term or a long term basis depending upon their usage and nature. It is often during changing of homes that real estate storage comes into use widely. Generally there are things we need to discard and things we need to store for long term usage. For Example, an old chair may be occupying some space in your house; however you can’t throw it away as your sentiments are attached to it. That’s when opting for a storage option can help you keep the chair in good condition without it occupying undue space in your home.

Retail Storage

Many retailers have a huge number of goods to be stored and distributed to people in different places. Be it any form of goods such as raw materials, food materials, containers, food products, beauty products or anything else, everything needs to be stored for a long time. That’s when you can opt for a retail storage facility for the bulk storage of all the items. The goods to be sold in the future can be neatly stashed in a storage unit. And storage companies provide you with the 24 hour access facility and so you can access the goods anytime you want. You also need to make sure that the units are dry and clean so that the stored items do not get spoilt. You can select AC or non-AC units as per your preferences and the nature of the goods. For example, certain food items have to be stored in a very cool environment and that’s when you need to opt for AC units. In this way, as per your need as a retailer, you can choose the right size and type of storage units.

Startup Business Storage

While starting a business, there are a number of things that you would buy. Along the same lines, you may be confused about what to keep and what to stash away. There may be certain goods which are important to you but are presently not needed for your work. That’s when you can use startup business storage for hoarding goods such as computers, files, and other types of paperwork. You can even store extra chairs or tables that will be used once your business gets established and reaches the masses. Considering that it’s a startup business, you need to make sure that you invest in the right storage unit or else you will be at a complete loss. You need to keep an eye on the security features of the storage provider and access the goods whenever needed. One of the main advantages of storage units is easy accessibility. As you can access the goods anytime you want, it functions just like an extension to your business.