Business Size Estimator

How much storage space do I need?

It is always difficult to work out how much self storage space you will need. In our experience most customers can easily determine the amount of space they need based on the size of their property. The table below should provide you with a very good indication of the amount of space you are likely to need.

By Number of officesSqft
By Number of desksSqft
By number of peopleSqft
Size of officeSqft
Storage per personSqft

Of course, the guide above is simply a "good indication" of howmuch self storage space you may need, and your own individual requirement mayvary.

Calculate self storage space based on yourinventory

Our self storage space inventory builder will provide you with anexcellent estimate of how much space you require. You simply click on pictures ofthe items you need to put in storage, and the space you require is estimated foryou instantly.